A New Way To Inspire

Posted by Andrea Harrison on

I wanted to leave you with a little question to ponder on… 

How do you inspire people? 

Believe it or not, we all have something special inside of us that can cause the people we meet to be inspired and motivated! 

I’ve worn many hats in life, but I’ve learned that one of my gifts is to touch people with joy and remind them of their confidence! 

Too many women are blind to their own beauty or are too busy to give proper attention to themselves.  So whenever you see me showing up to host my Facebook lives with a big smile, an open heart, and a bubbly personality that can shake up the room, I am showing up for YOU! 

I am showing up to remind you… 

How beautiful YOU are… 

How powerful YOU are…

And how much better this world is because of YOU! 

You were wonderfully made in the image of God and your existence in this life is a representation of the true and pure beauty of God! 

So when you purchase an item from Brilliance and Bling, you are purchasing a quality piece of confidence, creativity, and positivity!

And when you wear my glamorous pieces to work, run errands, or even on a night out, get ready for the opportunity to meet new people who are inspired by your confidence. 


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