Coming Clean: I'm letting go of my secrets...

Posted by Andrea Harrison on

Today, I wanted to tell you a secret a little birdy told me! 

Refreshing your faith, can refresh your life! 

Look, it can be so easy for us to get boxed in with routines and habits that feel comfortable for us. 

But, the longer we participate in behaviors that don’t inspire change, we will never experience GROWTH! 

And our growth is essential for us to flourish, prosper, and encounter the success that’s been promised over our lives. But we’ve just got to have the right amount of faith in God to allow the growth to happen. 

So I’ll let you in on another secret… 

It’s always been a passion of mine to creatively uplift and encourage others. 

And when I stepped out in faith to sling my brilliance, and bling, I totally stepped out of my comfort zone! 

But, little did I know that not only would this change spark a sense of revival in my faith to trust God through the process, but it also led me down a path of sharing my heart to help the powerful community of women around me. 

So family, today I want to leave you with one message… 

Don’t be afraid to renew the spirit of your faith and don’t be afraid to experience change! 

Even if the change is as simple as revamping your look to reflect the beauty of your renewed faith. 

And if you’re looking for the simplest way to sprinkle in a sparkle or change in your life, 

Brilliance and Bling is here to help you shine!


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