Don’t Forget This Today…

Posted by Andrea Harrison on

So today, I want to be open and vulnerable with you...

Being a strong woman isn't always the easiest. We all have weeks when our stress is through the roof. Our minds and bodies feel overwhelmed and the weight of the entire world feels like it's resting on our shoulders. We have days where we all feel like giving up and experience moments that leave us asking. "Why, me?" And in these times, it can be so easy to become distracted by fear and doubt.
It can be so easy to lose focus of our confidence. It can be so easy to forget that the strength of God guards us daily.

But He hasn't forgotten us! Every day may not be the most pleasant to endure, but through all of life's uphill battles, never forget who you are in Christ and the strength we can find in Him! 

So when I'm going through a rough moment in life, I try to do everything I can to pick myself up. And one of the many ways I do that is through accessorizing my looks! My whole day can turn around when I look in the mirror and see my jewelry because I see a statement that makes me feel good! Being able to put on some jewelry when you do your hair and make up not only enhances your beauty but also enhances how you feel, and that's why I'm so passionate about Brilliance & Bling! Because jewelry is so much more than just an accessory item, it's an opportunity to uplift your day and a tool to help you feel just as glamorous as your soul!

So if you're in need of a pick-me-up, start your day over with just one click


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