Pursuing Your Purpose

Posted by Andrea Harrison on

There’s a purpose God placed in you to pursue your calling in life.

Because it’s your right to experience this journey on earth with true joy, peace and motivation to impact others with your power! 

So many of us have this burning desire to help and inspire others, but sometimes we shy away from doing so because we feel like we may not have the right words to say or the right actions to give, but the truth is… 

YOU are the inspiration others need to experience!

And the more you actively walk in the pursuit to discover your calling and live out your purpose, the easier it will become to embrace the inspiration that exudes from your presence alone!

And believe it or not family, YOU inspire me to operate in my purpose and calling EVERYDAY! 

So when you receive my weekly newsletters or attend one of my Facebook lives, I want you to know that your presence alone is encouraging me to keep showing up and encouraging YOU to remember just how important it is for you to pursue your passion and embrace your beauty with my $5 dollar jewelry! 

And everytime I see one of you wonderful ladies rocking some of my Brilliance and Bling with the biggest smile because it's helping you feel and look good, I am honored to know that I can be a part of your journey to unearth the beauty and inspiration inside of you! 


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