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Have you ever found yourself searching for more out of life? 

You know, that feeling you get when you’re happy in your current situation, but deep down in your soul you’re craving for new thrills, new opportunities, and new moments where you can exercise your purpose! 

Well family, earlier this year I found myself in this exact same situation! Brilliance and Bling has been on fire and my family is safe, healthy, and happy! What more could a woman ask for!? But then… 


He pushed me right into one of the biggest changes of my life! He challenged me with a task to peel back the layers of myself and present to YOU the woman BEHIND Brilliance and Bling! The woman that loves to build up powerful ladies like YOU! 

And out of His will for my life, Shine With Andrea was born! A brand solely dedicated to mentoring women from all walks of life, building a team of leaders and giving these ladies the successful tools, they need to… 

Rediscover their light!

Shine in their purpose! 

And build a personal brand unique to them! 

BUT God wasn’t done yet! 

Because He blessed me with the perfect opportunity to share my heart with women all around the world and unveil my new eBook on the Christian Television Network!

So ladies, if you’ve been searching for ways to make your soul come alive again, today I hope to remind you that no matter what your story is, God hasn’t stopped writing new chapters in your life! God hasn’t stopped creating miracles in your life! God hasn’t stopped making a way for you to SHINE! 

And I want to help YOU discover your light again… 

Ladies, your free copy of Shine With Andrea is waiting for you right here:

If you missed my appearance on the COME HOME WITH JEN MALLAN show on the Christian Television Network, CLICK HERE!


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